This page is about the journey of a struggling young artist on his journey to become the next successful, beloved cult comic book author and worshipped leader of thousands of adoring and terrifying fangirls. (I view that more as a side-effect, but you have to take the bad with the good. I already have nightmares about the slash-fiction they’re going to write and hate them for it in advance.)

As of this writing I officially have three fans of my work.

They live with me.

Some people have also called me a delusional nutcase, but if that weren’t the case then the sources for my material really wouldn’t exist, now would they?

I have a dream of being published by SLG just like everyone else you know, and also of one day living somewhere that I can set up a kiddie pool RIGHT IN MY OWN LIVING ROOM. It’s all a part of the American Dream, you know?

FunFacts: I live in the middle of Assbackwards Nowhere, work part time while looking for another job and working on my comics, and therefore make just enough money to pay for my rent, bills, and absolutely NOTHING ELSE.  I survive by saving my fingernail clippings for the rainy days (good source of keratin.)  I have no access to a scanner that I can use for free, so in the mean time, you’re just going to have to take my word for it that my work’s any good.  Also we have no internet so I can only update this blog on the days where I can afford gas money to get to the nearest hotspot the next town over.  I’ve actually had people ask me what the internet was on some of my weirder days.


You may one day terrify me by knowing that I created Trolls of the Seventh Street Bridge, SURPRISE!, and the RapeMoth Series.

Follow @TheTomFace on Twitter!  Come on hipsters, you know you want to be able to say you knew “that one weird comic book guy” waaay back when, before he even got famous.

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